A New Sport
Our mission is about fostering a new, cleaner, more engaging, democratic and FUN sport of which the centres are the crucial part. They act as the venue for people to access an authentic racing experience, something they cannot otherwise do unless they have deep pockets, a generous backer and/or some kind of death wish.

Racing is Racing
We firmly believe that “Racing is Racing”. The fact that the medium is a simulator makes the racing no less real. The adrenaline is the same; the primal competition is the same, what we think really matters is the same. We might even argue that this medium is more real, or at least purer! You’ll probably need to try it to judge the plausibility of this.

Connecting People
So through the centres we want to connect people to the sport and to each other and generate a network of people actively engaged in the sport and with each other. What PTR will do is provide a level playing field in terms of technology and racing rules that enables every centre to offer, if they want to, access to a common set of racing rules and league structures for their members. This will mean a member in London can directly compare their results with a member in Melbourne and further can take part in inter-club races head to head with multiple drivers from around the world.

A 2 simulator centre will be able to join a grid of 20 or more other real drivers in real time. We already have the technology, we just need to connect the network.

Let’s See What Happens
When you bring people together and give them an input into how the racing should be, who knows where it will take us.

We are building the vehicles, now we need the drivers.