Few can say their simulators caused a national outcry when it beat the abdication of a Pope to the front page, or had sniffer dogs all over them ahead of a private session for foreign royalty, or for that matter, had one of their simulator operators ‘chatted up’ by a Hollywood star in New Orleans (check your harassment training policy covers that)!

To say those are everyday occurrences would be an overstatement but the simulators do seem to be catalytic in connecting people and opening new opportunities. You never know who the next person in the driving seat will be!

Between PTR and BRD we have worked with the simulators in some amazing places and environments with some great people on every continent (ignoring Antarctica) and below are just a few of the highlights to date.

We’d love to add you to the list.

PS – Did we mention we ran our own race team too…

Singapore BRD V2-500 Simulator

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2007 First Ever Motion System tests inside view point

2007 First Motion System tests outside view point – how things have changed!