For a Race Centre customer there are 3 main elements to the race software technology

  • tRaction – Our real time racing software
  • Race Control – Coordinates all the simulators, starts/stops races, rescue drivers from the gravel trap and controls the safety features from a single screen. The brain of the operation.
  • TV Director – Allows you to be in the hot seat. Now you too can experience the ire of spectators by cutting from the imminent crash to follow the race leader! But you can assuage the crowd with an immediate replay. A surprisingly important bit of the overall experience.

We have long known that you are at the mercy of that which you don’t control and why we decided in 2008 to bring in house our own software development team. The result in tRaction is a package that has been optimised around the motion, visual and control systems and completes the circle. We now design and produce in house all aspects of the simulator hardware and software. It means no gaps, our layers of technology are designed to fit together seamlessly.

All of it means we have control, if we say we can do something it is because it is in our scope to do so and relies on no-one else. If you need a particular race circuit, real or imagined we can build it, if you need a customer’s car modelled so they can drive it in the simulator, we can do that. If you need to output telemetry data that shows suspension travel versus ambient air temperature we can do it – why you would….? In fact we can do pretty much all you can do with a real car and more.

Tyre Model Editor
Racing in the rain
Racing in the rain


What Tracks Do You Have?

This is a frequently asked question and the answer is depends or lots! It depends on what you are trying to do. In a race centre context the reality is you do not need lots of circuits, you need a few key circuits that members can engage quickly with and develop their skills on and on which you can generate leader boards etc. If you have loads of different circuits on offer you won’t be able to build up that inter-member competition as everybody will choose different tracks. Think about Top Gear, it would be meaningless to have a ‘Star in the Reasonably Priced Car’ all racing a different track. Further, many of the tracks are too long and too difficult for the novice. You will find drivers get frustrated and get few laps in the time allocated which creates disappointment and a lack of returns.

We have a range of circuits, real and imagined that have been developed with the race centre in mind and that strike the perfect balance and we will be happy to advise on this. As said earlier though, we have lots of tracks, some of which we built using our laser scanning technology to an extremely high level of accuracy such that the F1 teams use that data in their models,  and can add custom circuits as required. So if you want to offer training for real tracks that is an option also.

We use the latest Autodesk 3
We use the latest Autodesk 3

Our software in combination with all the other aspects is what gives us confidence that we can respond to customer input and develop a new sport with the rules and features members want.

For fuller details on features and technologies behind tRaction please view our sister site.