Motion Technology

All degrees of freedom are not created equally. Layering is where it’s at – What you need to know.

Laminar Motion Technology™

  • Higher Frequencies = more responsive
  • Lower Profile = more venue options + safer
  • Less Weight + regenerative braking = less energy consumed
  • Less Energy consumed = happy greens + happy accountant
SimGP Wrap Screen

Visual Technology

Great simulation requires the tightest coordination of many critical but distinct elements delivered as realistically as possible to the brain. The more information we feed it in the right way, the more it works with us to increase immersion. Get an element wrong or out of sync and the brain won’t play the game.

So we decided to rid ourselves of the bezels, one, or in this case, three less things to stop your brain believing what it is seeing.


Race Technology

For a Race Centre customer there are 3 main elements to the race software technology

  • tRaction – Our real time racing software
  • Race Control – Coordinates all the simulators, starts/stops races, rescue drivers from the gravel trap and controls the safety features from a single screen. The brain of the operation.
  • TV Director – Allows you to be in the hot seat. Now you too can experience the ire of spectators by cutting from the imminent crash to follow the race leader! But you can assuage the crowd with an immediate replay. A surprisingly important bit of the overall experience.