Nik Ball

I have always been driven to create new things whether in Lego as a kid (still do with my 2 sons!), a custom kart for Down’s children as a teenager or motion system for racing drivers. I was well grounded into the world of automotive engineering at Ricardo designing bike engines for Aprilia to V6’s for GM, having left the studies of aircraft at Bath University. My transition from real to simulated cars was aided following a visit to the Yoda of simulation one summer in Pebble Beach. Me the ways of simulation from its earliest beginnings he showed. This gentleman was the head of simulation at NASA Ames, working on the jet packs as used by James Bond!


Simon Ball

“Surely it should be better than this?” is my usual default position! Motorsport can be done better, it needs democratising and revolutionising and simulation is the means. My role is strategist in the mission. My now distant background is finance/insurance. Since then I have travelled the world managing simulator and other events and seen first-hand the universal appeal of motorsport made accessible.


Tim Ball

Our technology has come an awfully long way since I integrated the gutted electronics of a joystick into a scrap aluminium and papier-mache steering wheel and pedals and plugged them into my Amiga computer. I did it then to help me get into racing, now it is about bringing racing to people.