PTR Composite

There is something primal in wanting to beat the next man that keeps us coming back. When the winning really matters we call it war, when it doesn’t, it’s fun – right?

In our experience, grown-ups racing hovers somewhere between the two. Either way, we are dealing with potent emotions and experience.

A centre that really works requires two elements; firstly great people and secondly great hardware. Lack quality in either and it will be an uphill battle.

At PTR we have the second part – amazing hardware that is going to blow most people away. However it is the soft skills, of creating the right atmosphere that will turn a centre into a club that people feel they can belong to. That bit will be down to you. Wanted or not, we will offer you the benefit of our wisdom on the matter!

So you’ve got a venue in mind perhaps and maybe even an idea for look and feel, the next question is What Do I Need to Get Started?

There are myriad options and what will suit you best will depend on numerous factors but we think the Magnum package below is a great place to dip your toe in the water and get your race centre flowing.

PTR Magnum Package

This comprises everything you will need in terms of the simulator hardware and software to have people racing head to head. What it doesn’t include is the venue, what you want to spend to make it pretty, a bar if you want to allow your customers to drink and drive (the simulator that is – for the avoidance of doubt). If we reach the point of talking legals then by that point we will have detailed for you exactly what is and isn’t included. As a ball park you, as an entrepreneur, a social enterprise, a group of friends or a company looking for an interesting CSR opportunity, will need to be thinking a budget for the package below of around £250k.

2 of our shiniest V1-500 SimCell Simulators 

The latest and greatest – Built by our sister company, BRD, who’ve been around for more than 20 years supplying simulator tech to the F1 and motorsport industry.

tRaction Race Software

Developed for use in professional driver training. This same validated code is supplied with all our simulators and is again entirely produced and managed in house by BRD.

Race Control Technology

This is vital – it talks to all the components of the systems enabling you to safely manage the racing experience from customer check-in, to race control, to recording telemetry results on to your membership database and even to playing replays of the crashes so everyone knows who to blame.

Design Liaison

We will support you at every stage, scouting your venue early on to advise on floor fixings, power requirements etc and adding the custom elements you might want. We can even help with the dreaded health and safety reviews.

Shipment, Installation & Commissioning

Wherever you are in the world (almost) we will ship and install the simulators. You will need to go someway to beat our craziest installs but if your venue requires a 200ft crane you’re well on your way to achieving the number one spot – just.

  Onsite Training of Staff

We will train your team at your venue on how to operate & maintain the simulators to a high standard.  We won’t leave you until you feel confident.  Your success is vital to our mission.

Maintenance Kit & Manuals

We provide a maintenance kit and advice on servicing to ensure your simulator continues to run smoothly.  We are delighted to have simulators still in the field that have been running for well over ten years and some almost 20.


If you can handle more simulators the costs don’t double for 4, triple for 6 etc. Some of the equipment is the same whether you have 2 simulators or 20. Talk to us and we will be happy to give suggestions to help optimise your race centre concept.

Next Steps

All packages and solutions are tailored for your needs and requirements so please do contact us so that we can answer any questions and hopefully arrange a test drive for you.