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PTR Composite

Start a Centre

There is something primal in wanting to beat the next man that keeps us coming back. When the winning really matters we call it war, when it doesn’t, it’s fun – right?

In our experience, grown-ups racing hovers somewhere between the two. Either way, we are dealing with potent emotions and experience.

A centre that really works requires two elements; firstly great people and secondly great hardware. Lack quality in either and it will be an uphill battle.


Exceptional Simulators

PTR works seamlessly with sister company BRD (the simulator manufacturer) to create pioneering simulator solutions tailored to you. Every bit of 20+ years’ experience designing, building and operating our simulators means we can deliver the solution that works for you.

Simulation is as much an art as a science, the aim being to have the driver believe what they are doing is real. Our simulators enable the driver to engage more quickly and more fully, resulting in better racing and a purer experience.


Experience It

You’d expect us to claim we have the best simulator technology, the motorsport industry agreed with us in 2010. What we hope is that you will be sufficiently interested to test our simulators and give us your vote too.

Our factory in West Sussex, 10 miles or so from Gatwick Airport has at least one system set aside for demonstration. You can take as long as you like, we have refreshments, 24 hour access and can order pizza – no excuses!